8 Reasons you should provide valet parking at your wedding

8 Reasons you should provide valet parking at your wedding

Why do you need valet parking at your wedding?

Valet services for a wedding is often something that is a necessity .The parking situation for a wedding is frequently something that goes unnoticed until someone realizes parking is limited, inconvenient or difficult to find. It usually tends to be a last minute decision to hire a valet parking service. Often it is thought that valet service is too expensive, or unnecessary; however it is a luxury that every wedding can afford.

1. Provide your guests first class front door service

Your wedding day is a special day that everyone will remember. Why not show your guests how much you appreciate them by providing a classy, front door solution to their parking needs? Guests will be greeted by professional valet parking staff in uniform to take care of their parking needs. Valet services can also include a coat check service for your guests depending on your needs and budget.

2. The price is right

Sometimes valet parking is thought to be an expensive service that only big, extravagant weddings utilize or can afford. This could not be further from the truth. There are situations when valet parking is an absolute necessity and others when it simply adds the finishing touches to an event. Either way, valet services can often be customized to your needs and to fit your budget. Most importantly, your guests will be made to feel special and appreciated when free valet parking is made available to them on your behalf.

3. Special parking privelages

Some venues have parking areas that they will let guests park in as well as areas not designated for public use. Most of the time an insured valet company will be given permission to use these non-designated areas. This might save you or your client from having to hire shuttle buses to transport guests from an off-site location.

4. Parking management

Hiring a valet service is much more efficient than having your guests park themselves. Having a professional parking service manage the cars at your wedding will increase parking capacity by having a system in place and restricting guests from parking at will. While managing the parking, attendants will make the traffic flow much more smoothly, directing traffic. Often times we can have valet’s double as traffic control attendants if that need arises.

5. Help guests deal with unpredictable weather

Even the best planned weddings can’t beat mother nature’s plans. Dealing with extreme heat, wind, rain and cold can be a drag on your guests. Providing valet service will be a welcome sight for guests in summer time in keeping them out of the heat— as well as in winter, when no guest dressed in their best threads wants to deal with the unexpected rain, wind and cold temperatures.

6. Save your guests extra time and hassle

Guests that may be coming from far away or from out of town might be unfamiliar with the area or venue and might be running a few minutes behind. Why not save them some time and the extra hassle of finding parking to ensure they easily find the entrance and make their way inside? Not to mention, often times the terrain or environment might be unfamiliar or dirty to walk on. Save your guests the extra hassle. Many will be dressed in their finest and will appreciate not having to walk far, especially the ladies wearing their sweetest looking high heels.

7. Eliminate guesswork and uncertainty for guests

Sometimes venues are large with multiple buildings, entrances, and parking lots. Sometimes venues are small and might have very limited parking in which space is an issue. Other times, street parking requires parking meter fees that a guest might not have planned for. Valet services will not only provide your guests with convenient parking services, but traffic control as well as outdoor podium and valet signage which will be visible to your guest. Guests can ask valet staff for directions on where to go exactly when guest arrive or helpful information such as directing guests on where the bathrooms are, etc.

8. Safety

Valet attendants at a wedding are the last line of defense against drunk driving. While legally, attendants aren’t allowed to hold keys from an inebriated guest trying to leave; attendants do provide a last line of defense against drunk driving. Usually the person that is intoxicated fumbles around with items, or talks to people, or is generally distracted; during this time, typically one of this persons friends or family members will come up and get the keys from the attendant. Otherwise the attendant usually has time to find someone that knows the intoxicated person, and gives the keys to them.

Who to call for your special day?

ENC Valet has done many weddings (big and small) and will work within your budget to put together a valet parking package that will satisfy you and your guests needs. ENC Valet is headquartered in Sacramento, CA, but regularly serves the Bay Area and also throughout CA and parts of Nevada. Some of the areas that are common for us to provide valet services for a wedding are in Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville, Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, Lodi, Stockton, Auburn, Forest Hill, Napa, St. Helena, San Jose, Los Gatos, Cambell, Los Altos Hills, Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Mateo, Hayward, Fremont, Walnut Creek, Dublin, Lafayette, and Pleasanton.